Christel Wengler Campbell, 74, of 4693 NW 60th Dr., Jennings, was charged with careless driving on Thursday, March 2, after hitting two buildings, a fence and a truck, according to a Jasper Police Department Traffic Crash Report.

As Campbell was approaching the drive-through window at First Federal Bank located at 201 SE 2nd Ave. in Jasper, her front tire hit the curb, the report states. She hit the accelerator to make the car move forward and the car jumped up onto the curb.

Campbell then attempted to press the brake, but pressed the accelerator instead, according to the report. The car scraped along the side of the bank building, traveled across Martin Luther King Dr., up the embankment at GTE Federal Credit Union and into the parking lot. The car clipped the corner of the credit union building and continued across 2nd Ave. and crashed into the fence at Bruce Glueck's Chevrolet.

The car hit a truck on the lot, before coming to a stop, the report states. The impact pushed the truck backwards into another truck, causing damage to the rear of the first truck and to the front of the second truck. The collision made the fence fall onto a third truck, causing minor damage.

Estimated damage to Campbell's 1997 Ford car was $6,500, according to the report. Estimated damage to the three 2006 Chevrolet trucks was over $13,000 and to the fence was $1,000. Damage to the GTE Credit Union was estimated at $1,000; there was no damage to the First Federal Bank.

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