United Way of Suwannee Valley; one of its affiliated agencies, Catholic Charities, and Lutheran Social Services Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville, are proud to announce the Food Bank of Suwannee Valley has opened.

The Food Bank will serve Hamilton, Columbia, Suwannee and Union counties. The partnership between United Way of Suwannee Valley and the Lutheran Social Service Second Harvest Food Bank has been a collaborative effort since early 2002. United Way of Suwannee Valle entered a memorandum of agreement for the day-to-day operations of the facility to come under the auspices of Catholic Charities, which will assume the food bank as one of its programs at the conclusion of the grant-funded period.

Hugh Giebeig, chair of the United Way of Suwannee Valley Planning Committee responsible for the implementation of a local food bank, noted this project has taken several years and was brought to fruition thanks to the receipt of a grant designated to establish the operation of the new food bank.

The mission of a local food bank is to feed hungry people by soliciting and judiciously distributing food and grocery products to local non-profit organizations serving the hungry and needy.

The food bank is located in Lake City, and non-profit organizations, whose mission includes feeding the hungry and interested in becoming a member of the food bank, should call for additional information at 755-5683.

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