The void created with the firing of Ralph Bowers as Jasper city manager the latter part of September, was filled last week by a retired city official from Suwannee County.

Former Live Oak City administrator Myron Holmes was taped by city council to fill-in as interim city manager, while the search is on-going for a permanent replacement to Bowers. Holmes retired in Sept. of '03 after serving 20-years in Live Oak. At that juncture he had completed 35-years of government service in Florida.

"I am willing to fill-in until they (council) can find someone permanent. At this point, I am not interested in undertaking a full-time role as city manager," noted the temporary administrative head. To augment their search, Holmes has recommended - along with general advertising and use of League of Cities resources - that council expand its search through the Internet. Holmes alluded to his success with the Internet when assisting (Live Oak) elected officials in their search for his replacement.

Jasper's interim city head has traveled the course of public service as a teacher, parole officer and budgeting administrator with several Florida state agencies throughout his career.

Being in a temporary position, Holmes has indicated that he doesn't want to necessarily become involved in 'policy change' for the city and at the onset will be spending time studying the charter and becoming familiar with city ordinances. He sees his immediate objective as, "trying to help the city carry on daily functions in a legal manner and getting it (the city) through this interim period as smoothly as possible."

Holmes recognized the proposed city paving project as a major undertaking that he will initially participate in. He noted that council is presently poised to start the project and will be soon opening bids for the work.

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