Hamilton County Coordinator Mike Williams was invited by the Florida Department of Community Affairs, to sit as a panel member on the rural Initiatives Breakout Session held during the 2004 Growth Management Workshop held at the Turnbull Conference Center in Tallahassee recently.

The theme of the Capitol conference was "Building Community Partnerships."

By virtue of the county's contemporary successes directed toward imminent expansion and development, along with the cohesive partnership cemented with the Florida Department of Community Affairs over the past five years, Williams was chosen to participate on the Rural Initiatives Panel and speak relative those growth accomplishments.

Williams shared local experiences and successes with counterparts at the conference. He covered various topics including grants for a county-wide visioning process, Economic Development update in reference to the Comprehensive Plan, creation of a long-term strategic goal, along with the development of the Hamilton County/PCS Industrial Park and other related subjects. The 'visioning process' - which determines the county's long-range projections - was one of the highlights of Williams' presentation.

As well as a 'giving' of information, the local coordinator was able to glean a wealth of knowledge from the other attendees. His appearance in Tallahassee, helped augment an even stronger relationship with the Department of Community Affairs, which will, "pay dividends for the overall benefit of Hamilton County in the future," noted Williams.

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