PCS Phosphate of Hamilton County, through its parent company Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, recently pledged to donate $1 million to the on-going tsunami relief effort overseas.

The organization receiving the money has yet to be decided, but the selection has been narrowed to a handful of reputable organizations. "When we look at the magnitude of the donation, we want to ensure that we distribute it responsibly," stated corporate and government relations director Tom Pasztor. "It's important to the company that funds get to the people in the affected areas on a sustained basis."

When the devastation first hit, Potash Corp. responded with a $10,000 donation to Doctors Without Boarders. The amount was increased to $1 million once the extent of the tsunami damage became apparent.

The overseas' devastation is in an area all too familiar to the company. It's recognized that many Potash employees working throughout the hardest hit region in the past, have helped each of those countries affected develop effective food production systems. "We know these people. Not as customers, but as friends," noted Pasztor.

The parent company has also adjusted its matching gift program for donations toward the relief program. Employee donations will continue to be matched dollar for dollar, with no minimum or maximum contribution.

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