The Town of White Springs is preparing for an election on Tuesday, April 26, to decide who will fill two slots on the town council. New contender Joe E. Griffin hopes to replace one of the two current members who are running for re-election - William Jefferson and Tracy Woodward.

Jefferson has served a two-year term on the town council. Woodward has served a full term as a council member as well as two partial terms.

The polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at the White Springs Health Center located at 16811 Springs St. in White Springs.

During individual interviews the candidates were asked the following questions:

1. What are your qualifications for the position of town council member?

2. What do you consider the major challenges and/or problems affecting the town?

3. If elected, what do you hope to achieve?

Joe E. Griffin

1. I am more aware of the public business in White Springs than the town council members, with the exception of Town Manager Robert Townsend. I also have several graduate degrees.

2. The Town needs to get water and utility bill rates under control to benefit low-income families and the elderly. I also feel that the government needs to be more open with the public and follow the rules of the Sunshine Law. Political decisions should be made by the public or the public should at least be made aware of the decisions.

3. I would lower water and utility bills, and make the government open to the public.

Tracy Woodward

1. I am interested in the town government as well as state and federal governments. I have been involved in the town government through two partial terms and one full term as town council member. In my positions with the Jasper News and the White Springs Library I have developed extensive research skills.

2. Now that the Town has the infrastructure in place, such as the waste-water plant and water treatment plant, I would like to guide its growth and development so that it will be somewhere that we are all proud to live.

3. If I am re-elected, I will continue to aggressively seek grant funds for development and businesses to provide jobs. I will also continue the historical preservation efforts that are vital to our tourism. I will keep the town government fiscally sound and accountable to the public.

William Jefferson

The Jasper News tried to contact William Jefferson for an interview by phone several times. Although the Jasper News left a message, Jefferson did not respond by press time Wednesday.

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