According to Hamilton County Coordinator Mike Williams, the county is presently in the process of updating its Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS).

The LMS is a compilation of documents and information, which assist the county in mitigating or lessening the impact of natural disasters, such as flood, hurricane, etc.

Hamilton County's Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group, is comprised of representatives from county staff, local municipalities, emergency management and other related support agencies. The LMS work group will meet periodically over the next year to review and update the current document, to reflect new changes as needed and required.

Public attendance, comment and input is solicited and welcome by the LMS working group. Comments may be made in person at a scheduled meeting of the body, or submitted in writing to the coordinator's office, 313 Hatley St., in Jasper. Telephone contact is 792-6639.

A copy of the current LMS is available for review at each public library (Jasper, Jennings, White Springs), for the convenience of the people. Williams is currently developing a convenient LMS/public meeting schedule to be announced at a later date.

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