Editor’s note: The Suwannee Democrat prints the entire arrest record each week. If your name appears here and you are later found not guilty or the charges are dropped, we will be happy to make note of this in the newspaper when judicial proof is presented to us by you or the authorities.

The following abbreviations are used below:

SCSO-Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office

LOPD-Live Oak Police Department

FDLE-Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FHP-Florida Highway Patrol

FWC-Florida Wildlife Commission

DOT-Department of Transportation

OALE-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement

P & P-Probation and Parole

USMS-US Marshals Service

ATF-Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

DOC-Department of Corrections  

April 8, William Howard Hunt, 21, 4370 280th St Branford Fl, poss controlled substance, prescription drug SCSO D Taylor

April 8, Richard Daniel Griffith, 29, 302 SE Craven St Branford Fl, agg assault x2, battery (dom viol) SCSO S St John

April 8, Thomas John Leahy, 35, 7130 CR 136-A Live Oak Fl, sentenced to 4yrs doc SCSO-T. Smith

April 8, Jonathan Brown, 21, 229 River North Circle Macon Ga, vop-burg of dwelling SCSO-L. Mcdaniel

April 8, Tony Lamar Hill, 49, 7381 Hwy 90 East Live Oak Fl, sentenced 40 months doc SCSO-M. Clark

April 8, Timothy Ferrell Johnson, 50, 16473 175th Road Live Oak Fl, traffic amphetanie x2, vop cont sub x2 SCSO Raymond

April 8, Earnest J Hall, 42, 631 West Ave Live Oak Fl, battery domestic violence SCSO-L. Mcdaniel

April 8, Thomas Gross, 62, 11025 CR 49 Live Oak Fl, suw cty wrt vop o/c,poss drug para. fta/poss drug paraph, paid cash bond $197.50 rec # 4396 SCSO R Ditter

April 9, Emily Cruz, 22, 7015 173rd Place Live Oak Fl, vop (battery dom violence SCSO - M. Locke

April 9,  Ira Wesley Bailey, 46, 28084 41St Drive Branford Fl, ftc w/ sex offend registr SCSO-M. Maxwell

April 10, Christopher Lee Henck, 24, 1309 Ruby St Live Oak Fl, fta(dwls)osceola co wrt SCSO-C. Mcintyre

April 10, Bradley Keith Hutchins, 20, 6773 256th Street Branford Fl. dui SCSO - D. Taylor

April 10, Robert Roy Newman III, 20, 17285 145th Rd Mcalpin Fl, burglary w/armed 4cts, burglary - 2 cts grand theft 6cts, poss cntrl subs 13cts, poss +20 cannabis w/i sel,poss drug paraphernalia, 1st app—pd app per wrs SCSO-L. Willis

April 10, Joshua Lee Johnson, 26, 9954 146th Street Live Oak Fl, burglary w/armed - 4 cts, burglary - 2 cts, grand theft - 6 cts, poss cntrl subs 13cts, burglary while armed, 1st app—pd app per wrs SCSO-L. Willis

April 10, Marco Leroy Milton, 41, 1130 2nd Street Live Oak Fl, writ of bodily attachment, ***cash purge amount*** SCSO - K. Osborn

April 10, Antoniette Picciafo Tour, 51, 412 Hillman Avenue Live Oak Fl, vop o/c obt subs by fraud SCSO-K. Osborne

April 10,  David Loy Reynolds, 55, 10370 150th Street Mcalpin Fl, dui 3rd offense, dwls/r(habitual violator), refusal surrender sample, refusal sign citation LOPD-J. Rountree

April 10, Stefani Ann Mitchell, 40, 9193 132nd Terrace Live Oak Fl, dui FHP- J.R. Tillie

April 10, Earl Edwin  Poole Jr, 48, 9107 86th St Live Oak Fl, battery SCSO-C. Mcintyre

April 11, Frederick Stephen Vargo, 50, 7112 CR 136A Live Oak Fl, violation injunction, 1st app—pd app per wrs SCSO - E. Padgett

April 11, Jacob Russell Avery, 20, 12424 CR 49 Live Oak Fl, dwls knowingly SCSO - C. Tompkins

April 11, Sharoad Unshae Brown, 23, 704 Commeico Street Clewiston Fl, SCSO - H. Tucker

April 11, Dustin Shelter Pearce, 26, 215 Hutchings Street Cahokia Il SCSO - T. Donaldson

April 11,  Limber Lopez, 18, 1523 Railroad Street Live Oak Fl, no valid d.l. LOPD - D. Slaughter

April 12, Ralph Dayton  Parson, Jr., 68, 2281 141St Pass Live Oak Fl, 2 counts agg assault w/ deadly weapon SCSO-B. Barrs

April 12, Jacob R Avery, 20, 12424 CR 49 Live Oak Fl, grand theft 5 counts, deal stolen prop 5 counts SCSO C,  Fry

April 12,  Pedro Jaramillo, 35, 805 Harrell Ave NW Live Oak Fl, vocc-poss of cocaine P&P-J. Holton

April 12, William Howard Hunt, 21, 4370 280th St Brandford Fl, chauncey bond surrender SCSO-T. Smith

April 12, Jammie Gibson, 33, 375 NW Bascom Norr Dr 205 Lake City Fl, worthless check SCSO-S. Law

April 12, Michael Shane Luman, 37, 288 N.W. Whitley Glen Lake City Fl, contempt of court/failure to pay child support, purge or serve 179 days SCSO-S. Law

April 12, Matthew Carl Gundersen, 45, 5569 Boynton Ln Ft Myers Fl, dwls/r OALE-JK Dewey

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