Editor’s note: The Suwannee Democrat prints the entire arrest record each week. If your name appears here and you are later found not guilty or the charges are dropped, we will be happy to make note of this in the newspaper when judicial proof is presented to us by you or the authorities.

The following abbreviations are used below:

SCSO-Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office

LOPD-Live Oak Police Department

FDLE-Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FHP-Florida Highway Patrol

FWC-Florida Wildlife Commission

DOT-Department of Transportation

OALE-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement

P & P-Probation and Parole

USMS-US Marshals Service

ATF-Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

DOC-Department of Corrections

April 14, Frank Vernon Hayes, 37, 22337 92nd Path Live Oak, Fl, viol injunction, poss -20 marijuana, 1st app pd appt per wfw SCSO - C. McIntyer


April 14, James Arthur Hefferman, 28, 927 N 19th St Colorado Springs, CO, poss cntl subs w/i sell, 1st app n/pd appt per wfw SCSO -K. Descarreaux  

April 14, Janna Lynn Moody, 49, 15432 US 129 McAlpin, Fl, burglary of a conveyance, petit theft, 1st app pd appt per wfw LOPD - S. Gambel


April 14, Herman Allen, 60, 2400 Catherine St Palatka, Fl, dwls/r knowingly, 1st app pd appt per wfw LOPD - B. Kastor


April 14, Benjamin Allan Bluvstein, 28, 1550 East Trving Street Milwauke Wisconsin, poss control sub (lsd) SCSC - W. Kelly


April 14, David Scott Green Jr, 22, 21618 47 Dr Lake City, Fl, assault (dom viol) SCSO McInnis


April 15, Greg Prewett, 43, 2048 White Oak Kennesaw, Ga, poss drug para, poss cont. sub. SCSO-E. Rodriguez


April 15, Jeffrey Douglas Brown, 29, 17 McBride Ave Clinton, NY, poss lsd, poss mdma, resis w/o viol SCSODTF-F. Gorski


April 15, Haley M. Hamilton, 20, 155 Belle Point Pkwy Brunswick, Ga, poss alcohol by per.-21/2 ABT-D. Gainey

April 15, James F. Beck, 26, 1405 E Duval St Live Oak, Fl, battery (dom viol) LOPD


April 15, Alice Holt, 19, 62 Holt Rd Caterville, Ga, poss cont. sub mdma SCSODTF-T. Warren


April 15, Mario Pino, 34, 1230 7th St Fores MS, unauth use of credit card SCSO-D. Falgout


April 15, Burt Levin Cook Jr, 40, 2442 103rd Road Live Oak, Fl, lewd/lascivious molestation SCSO-W Musgrove


April 15, Randell Scott Falero, 50, 2919 230th Street Lake City, Fl, battery (dom viol) SCSO-J Brooks


April 15, Leah Rochelle Summer, 33, HWY 441 Lake Apt 34 Lake City, Fl, vop o/c leaving scene of accident & dui, pay $1,456.00 SCSO-T. Ford


April 15, Jonathan B. Hutchingson Jr., 34, 23557 CR 250 Dowling Park, Fl, fta poss - 20gm cannabis, fta viol inj for protecti agains dom viol SCSO-A. Loston


April 15, Justin Blake Ozment, 28, 8699 Levin Court Mobile Alabama, poss +20grms marijuana, poss drug parap x 5, reckless driving SCSO-M. Lee


April 15, William A. Halpin, 28, 4306 Floral Ave Cincinnati OH, poss -20 grm marijuana, 1st app n/pd appt per wfw SCSO- C. Thompkins


April 15, Ronald David Begley, 20, 216 Murphy Ave Ferguson Ky, poss lsd w/i/t sell, sale of lsd, 1st spp pd appt per wfw SCSODTF-M. Ramirez


April 16, Jerry Beckwith, 23, 5435 West Mainstreet Verona Ny, sale of cocaine, poss of cocaine, poss mdma, poss xanex, poss -20 cannabis, 1st app pd appt per wfw SCSODTF-B. Shaw


April 16, Leniville Mosley, 20, 170 Sycamore Tr Somersetr Ky, poss cntl sub, 1st app pd appt per wfw ABT Macmaster


April 16, Juan Lopez, 29, 1910 Main St Live Oak, Fl, leave scene w/prop dmg, no valid dl, 1st app pd appt per wfw LOPD K Kirby


April 16, Matthew Edward Chotiner, 20, 7555 Cedar Hurst Ct Lake Worth, Fl, disorderly conduct, resist w/o viol, affray SCSO-S Senea


April 16, Michael David Dinkin, 24, 1698 Blue Heran Lane Fernandina Bch, Fl, grand theft, reckless driving, leaving scene w/damage SCSO-C. McIntyre


April 16, William Fishbach, 25, 3520 Fairway Lane Orlando, Fl, poss mdma, poss drug para, 1st app pd appt per wfw SCSODTF Smith


April 16, John Martin, 27, 939 Greendale West Virgina, sale of mdma, poss wit sell mdma SCSODTF-B. Shaw


April 16, Casmeir Kingcade, 18, 19 Cedar Trace Terr Ocala, Fl, trff mdma, sale of mdma, poss mdma w/intent sell, resist w/o viol SCSODTF Gorski


April 16, Christopher Bolster, 28, 16834 Florence Drive Mt. Verde, Fl, poss-20 grms cannabis SCSO-B. Minks


April 16, Devin Mark Barns, 27, 138 Cypress Way East Naples, Fl, poss - 20 grms cannabis SCSO-A. Robinson


April 16, Sean Griffin, 30, 295 Grand Way Unit 1101 Naples, Fl, poss -20 cannabis SCSO-A. Robinson


April 16, Scott Willet, 53, 7890 185 Rd Live Oak, Fl, dui FHPK Putnel  


April 16, Allen Jeffery Marke, 39, 16423 37 Dr Wellborn, Fl, agg. assault (dom viol), crim misch, 1st app pd appt per wfw SCSO Duren


April 17, Sybil Beck, 25, 1405 East Duval Lot 55 Live Oak, Fl, theft LOPD-Rogers


April 17, Victorino Favila-Campos, 47, 743 NE CR 354 Mayo, Fl, dui, no valid dl, 1st app pd appt per wfw FHP-C.L. Lee


April 17, Kevin R. White, 39, 6546 Joe Jeff St

North Port, Fl, poss cocaine, poss lsd, poss psilocybin mushroom, poss -20 cannabis, resis with viol., poss drug para, battery on leo, battery on leo, resist with viol, resist with viol, 1st app pd appt per wfw SCSODTF-M. Ramirez


April 17, Adam Benton Scida, 22, 728 NW 4th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, poss lsd, 1st app pd appt per wfw    SCSO Smith


April 17, Matthew Gabriel Vhabae, 19, 2126 Calais Ln Fernandina, Bch, Fl, sale of cannabis, 1st app n/pd app per wfw SCSO K Lane


April 17, David Levinson, 23, 1452 Haight St San Francisco, Ca, poss -20 cannabis SCSODTF-B. Barrs


April 18, Steven Hunter Mabery, 42, 13902 Swiss Hill Dr. Houston, Tx, poss. G.H.B. SCSO-B. Barrs


April 18, Jeremy Loren Lieupo, 32, 8145 SW 68th Drive Jasper, Fl, vop (dwlsr) **cash only to svps** SCSO - J. Law


April 18, Luis Roberto Castillo, 37, 34 Herrons Watch Way Santa Rosa Beach, Fl, fail to stop for inspecti, fta (embezzlement), **rhode island wrt** OALE - J. Dewey


April 18, Jeffrey Jamal Williams, 35, 6124 Trish Court Jacksonville, Fl, vop o/c agg assault while masked SCSO-A. Loston

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