Suwannee Democrat

March 5, 2009

Arrest Record (February 27-March 4)

Editor’s note: The Suwannee Democrat prints the entire arrest record each week. If your name appears here and you are later found not guilty or the charges are dropped, we will be happy to make note of this in the newspaper when judicial proof is presented to us by you or the authorities.

The following abbreviations are used below:

SCSO-Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office

LOPD-Live Oak Police Department

FDLE-Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FHP-Florida Highway Patrol

FWC-Florida Wildlife Commission

DOT-Department of Transportation

OALE-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement

P & P-Probation and Parole

USMS-US Marshals Service

ATF-Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

DOC-Department of Corrections

Feb. 27, David Terrell Jones, 29, 515 9TH ST, Live Oak, FL, Sale of cocaine w/i 1000' of place of worship, Poss of cont sub:cocaine w/i to sell or deliver, Sale of sub in lieu of controlled sub 2cts, Poss/coc w/intent sell, Sale/coc/w/i 1000ft chuch, Sale coc w/i 1000ft child care facility probable cause arrest probable cause arrest, Poss coc w/i/ to sell, Sale coc/w/i 1000ft chuch, Sale coc/w/i 1000ft child care facility, new obts-6101018699 carge 9+16 taken off fina, LOPD D. Slaughter

Feb. 27, Fredrick Antoni Williams, 34, 14396 60th Street, Live Oak FL, Poss. cocaine vop o/c shoot/throw missl bldg/veh, SCSO-W. Kelly

Feb. 27, Evangaline Denise Jones, 42, 1530 Rail Road Street, Live Oak, FL, VOP (Sale cocaine poss, Cocaine w/i sell, VOP (Cocaine poss, Poss controled sub.), P&P-R.; Raymond

Feb. 27, Sarena Jeffers Mays, 50, 413 Aquarius Concourse, Orange Park, FL, Sentenced 90 Days CJ, SCSO-T. Lee

Feb. 27, Arturo Negrete Mendez, 37, P O BOX 1491, Mayo FL, Lafayette CO SO Viol Prob O/C DUI, Cash Only, LOPD-B. Harrison

Feb. 27, Jason Roach, 25, 2041 NW 141 ST, Miami FL, Remand into custody, SCSO-D.Falgout

Feb. 27, Erin Lynn Smith, 37, 3241 E Silver Springs Blv, Ocala, FL, DWLS-2nd offense DUI, Marion Cnty wrnt FTA DWLS, FHP-R.W.Gill

Feb. 28, Keith Anthony Wilhoite, 32, P.O. BOX 732, Lee, FL, POSS -20 Grams Cannabis, SCSO - S. Senea

Feb. 28, Michael Rodger Beine, 39, 208 Weaver ST, Live Oak, FL , Felony DWLS – Habitual, SCSO- C. Tompkins

Feb. 28, Kristie Marie Guina, 28, 9390 182ND ST, McAlpin FL, Battery (Dom Violence), LOPD - S. Gambel

Feb. 28, Dale Robert Dykins, 48, 632 Colonial Street, Live Oak FL, Poss Cocaine, EXP D/L more than 4 month, Tampering w/evidence, Suwannee CO wrt, VOP O/C DWLS/R, LOPD-D. Slaughter

Feb. 28, Antonio Velaquez, 37, 14TH Street, Live Oak, FL, Disorderly intoxication SCSO-D. Brown

Feb. 28, Pascual Rivera-Ludias, 28, 120 SW Vista Terrace, Lake City, FL , No drivers license, SCSO-M. Lee

Feb. 28, James Daniel Turner, 33, 327 SW Justice Drive, Mayo FL, No drivers license, Poss -20gms cannabis, Poss drug paraphernalia, SCSO-W. Kelly

Feb. 28, Keith Allen Kazwell, 22, 7474 137th Place, Live Oak, FL, VOP (Grand Theft III), SCSO - C. Tompkins

March 1, Renata Darlene Smith, 22, 804 Tarver Avenue, Live Oak, FL, Grand Theft 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, SCSO - E. Padgett

March 1, Jamie Lamar Combass, 35, 16272 145th place, McAlpin, FL , Grand theft 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, SCSO-D. Brown

March 1, Connie Rios Sprouse, 38, 2725 192nd Terrace, O’Brien, FL, Battery domestic, 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, SCSO-W. Kelly

March 1, Stephen Detrell Cherry, 20, 1300 Ocala ST APT 101, Tallahassee, FL, Driving under influence, FHP-B. Stuart

March 1, Amos Harold Stratton, 37, 12804 177th Road , Live Oak, FL, Battery domestic, SCSO-W. Kelly

March 1, Morris Joe McEady JR, 28, 404 Anna Ave. Lot L5, Live Oak, FL, VOP (DWLS), LOPD J. Rountree

March 2, James Franklin Dowling, 57, 19335 124th ST, Live Oak FL, Forgery 4 counts, Utter a forged instrument 4 counts, grand theft, SCSO S. Larney

March 2, Robert Chester Stapelton, 47, 719 SW Walker Ave., Live Oak, FL, Arson I 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, SCSO-S. Law

March 2, Craig Adams, 50, 7278 37th RD, Wellborn, FL, VOP O/C Sale manufacture

and del methamphetamine, own rent structure to traffic in meth, 1st App--Pd App Per FINA, P&P-R.; Raymond

March 2, Juan Jose Cordova, 36, 9069 101ST Lane, Live Oak, FL, Driving w/no license SCSO DTF R. Sammons

March 2, Eric Samuel Mitchell, 44, 1110 NW 24th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL, Poss contr sub w/i sell, Sale contr sub w/i 1000ft church, Sale cocaine w/i 1000ft church, 1st App--No Pd Per Fina, SCSO-S. Law

March 2, William Mundle, 66, 3605 Freeman RD, Jacksonville, FL, VOP O/C DWLS habitual, 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, P&P-S.; O'HARA

March 2, Gary Hampton Hart, 54, 13648 225th RD, Dowling Park, FL, Return for court , SCSO-S. Law

March 2, Brandon Scott Hall, 19, 10041 147th RD., Live Oak, FL, Batt (Dom. Viol), Assault (Dom.), VOP(DUI Persnl Inj.), SCSO-C. Tompkins

March 3, Geraldine Louise O’Quinn, 63, P.O. BOX 154, Fort White, FL , Columbia County WRT O/C, FTA w/bank check, SCSO D. Taylor

March 3, George Horace Wilson, 33, 502 Clay ST , Live Oak, FL, No valid D.L. 2nd offense, VOP O/C Poss Cannabis w/int sell, SCSO R. Sammons

March 3, Ena Rose Lawson, 20, 1042 SW McFarlane Ave, Lake City, FL, VOP O/C Uttering A Forger, Col CO WRT, A-1 Bond Surrender, DUI, Poss alcohol U/21, Poss open container, SCSO M. Clark

March 3, Willie Jackson, 25, 734 Webb DR, Live Oak, FL, VOP O/C NO D.L. 1st App--N/A Pd Per Fina, SCSO R. Ditter

March 3, Alexander Rosenbauer, 22, 11556 74 Terr, Live Oak, FL, Fail to stp for insp D.W.L.S., 1st App--Pd App Per Fina, Officer: Oale McGauley

March 4, Patric Lee Falin, 45, 1525 Arabian Road, Branford, Fl, Felony DWLSR, DUI 3rd Off., SCSO-. Brooks

March 4, Steven Willm Latourrette, 52, 102 Bluff Avednue, Branford Fl, Trespass Disorderly Intox., SCSO J. Brooks

March 4, Rosilyn Marie Noble, 43, 826 Sw 8th Street, Live Oak, Fl., VOP (DWLSR), DTF-F. Gorski

March 4, Eric Lawrence Starling, 36, 10260 175th Road, Live Oak, Fl, Obtained Controlled Subst By Fraud (5 COUNTS), LOPD - B. Harrison

March 4, Lashawn Detrice Robinson, 33, 207 Johnson Avenue, Live Oak, Fl Sale Cocaine, Sale Cocaine, Poss Cocaine W/Int Sell, Poss -20gms Cannabis SCSODTF-R. Sammons

March 4, Maria Delcarman Lopez, 28, 1711 Long Ave, Live Oak, Fl, Grand Theft SCSO-D. Brown

March 4, John Matthew Smith, 22, Mayo Ci, Mayo, Fl, Uttering Forgery, Petit Theft 3cts, SCSO-S. Law

March 4, Glenn Randall Chase, 27, 283 Linda Street, Mcclenny, Fl, VOP O/C AGG ASSLT LEO; AGG FLEE/ELUDE LEO, SCSO-S. Law

March 4, Michael John Hemphill, 32, Lawtey Ci, Lawtey, FL, Felony Petit Theft Fraud/Cheating, SCSO-S. Law

March 4, Michael John Neely, 30, 20866 CR 349, OBRIEN, FL, Habitual Offender DWLS, St Joseph Co Indiana WRT , FTA O/C Child Support, SCSO-W. Kelly