Suwannee Democrat

November 2, 2009

Arrest Record (October 22-26)


Live Oak — Editor’s note: The Suwannee Democrat prints the entire arrest record each week. If your name appears here and you are later found not guilty or the charges are dropped, we will be happy to make note of this in the newspaper when judicial proof is presented to us by you or the authorities.

The following abbreviations are used below:

SCSO-Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office

LOPD-Live Oak Police Department

FDLE-Florida Department of Law Enforcement

FHP-Florida Highway Patrol

FWC-Florida Wildlife Commission

DOT-Department of Transportation

OALE-Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement

P & P-Probation and Parole

USMS-US Marshals Service

ATF-Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

DOC-Department of Corrections

October 22, Lawrence Troy Tyre, 23, 1123 N Houston Ave Live Oak Fl, poss cocaine, poss drug paraphernalia LOPD D Slaughter

October 22, Antonio Gernard Fields, 18, 647 Washington Ave Live Oak Fl, suw cnty wrnt vop o/c, 3cnt burglary of structure, grand theft 2500.00 or 250.00 to p&p SCSO-K. Osborn

October 22, Lonnie Williams Jr., 56, 10323 108th Place Live Oak Fl, felony dwls (habitual), 1st app—pd app per fina LOPD B Harrison

October 22, Laverne Riley, 57, 504 Clay Street Live Oak Fl, poss cocaine, resist w/o violence 1st app—pd app per fina LOPD D Slaughter

October 23, Kevin Leon Stansel, 32, 4934 124th St Wellborn Fl., agg/assault w/deadly weap SCSO-C. McIntyre

October 23, Carol Denise Lawrence, 43, 4777 284th Street Branford Fl, sent 1 weekend co jail SCSO - T. Donaldson

October 23, Dustin Edwards, 28, 1218 Irvin Ave Live Oak Fl, sent to 8 weekends SCSO-D. Falgout

October 23, Michael Scott Monbeck, 34, 13 C St Fl. Village Mhp Plant City Fl, hillsborough co warrant, fail to pay child support, poss nitrous oxide, poss -20 cannabis LOPD-R. Fipps

October 23, Richard Alan Chambers, 21, 1304 Peachfield Dr. Valrico Fl., poss. -20grms cannabis, poss. drug paraphernalia SCSODTF-M. Landis

October 24, Jaleesa Shoneice Phinney, 18, 4949 Marbrisa Avenue #101, Tampa Fl, poss cocaine, poss -20 gms cannabis, poss drug paraphernalia SCSODTF - M. Ramirez

October 24, Kristopher Chad Marlowe, 26, 13380 76th Terrace Live Oak Fl., False Verification Of Ownership, Deal In Stolen Prop ** duval co wrt ** SCSO-S. Senea

October 24, Rick Steven Seefeldt, 53, 96 Oak Ave. Santerosa Beach Fl., Disorderly Intox.

SCSO-K. Descarreaux

October 24, Flor Nunez Louis, 26, 2441 S.W. Birley Avenue Lake City Fl, Sent 120 Days (Weekends) SCSO - T. Donaldson

October 24, Mattie Myers Christie, 19, 10297 161St Road Live Oak Fl, Poss Cntl Substance ABT - S. Macmastin

October 24, Donald Ray Chesnut, 29, 249 Lee Avenue Live Oak Fl, Poss Cntrl Subs W/O Presc SCSO-C. McIntyre

October 24, Jerry Edward Floyd, 20, 13158 160th Pl Mcalpin Fl. Poss Of Cntrl Sub W/O Pe

SCSO - C. Mcintyre

October 24, Verneena Jane Bohlin, 47, 2410 Cleveland Street Hollywood Fl, poss +20 gms cannabis, poss hydrocone (percocet), poss alprazolam, poss drug paraphernalia SCSOD TF - F. Gorski

October 24, Jo Ann Alger, 52, 13903 79th Street Live Oak Fl, poss cocaine LOPD - D. Slaughter

October 24, Brian Keith Leonard Jr, 19, 774 Community Rd Jacksonville Fl. poss. of cannabis -20 grms poss. of drug paraph SCSODTF- M Landis

October 24, Zachari Joseph Buda, 22, 11884 Tanya Ter Jacksonville Fl., poss -20gms cannabis, poss drug paraph SCSODTF-R. Samons

October 24, Kellie Marie Cusimano, 20, 526 60th Street Birmingham Al, poss psilocybin SCSODTF - G. Edwards

October 24, Tyler Lee Thurkow, 18, 3201 Marion Street Englewood Fl, poss -20 grams cannabis, poss drug paraphernalia SCSODTF - H. Smith

October 24, Scot Anthony Hughes, 36, 2636 Bay Street Sarasota Fl., poss of cannabis, destruction of evidence SCSODTF-B Barrs

October 24, John Robert Hoover, 56, 2236 Ixora Ave. Sarasota Fl., poss -20grms cannabis, poss drug para. SCSO-B. Mincks

October 24, Allen Andrew Perry, 20, 788 Vecuna Rd Atlantic Beach Fl., poss. cannabis -20grms, poss. drug paraphernalia SCSODTF-B. Barrs

October 24, Kathleen Vliet Schmitz, 48, 2636 Bay Street Sarasota Fl, poss -20 grams cannabis, poss drug paraphernalia SCSODTF - M. Ramirez

October 24, Shawn Russell Hysell, 33, 573 SW Hideway Drive Lake City Fl, poss -20gm marijuana, poss drug paraphernalia, no drivers license SCSO-J. Brooks

October 24, Nicholas Burke Morvillo, 20, 415 Chapel Drive Tallahassee Fl. kidnapping, lewd/lascivious molestati, battery (2 counts), resisting w/violence, battery on leo (2 counts) SCSO - SGT. S. St John

October 25, Tim Lee Routt, 52, Homeless Live Oak Fl., poss cannibis w/intent to sell, sale/deliver cannabis SCSODTF-M. Ramirez

October 25, Paul Raymond Atkins, 40, 813 Keeler Avenue Dalhart TX, poss psilocybin mushrooms, poss -20 grams cannabis SCSODTF - J. Smith

October 25, Jordan Thomas Aldridge, 22, 7491 Devondale Way Jacksonville Fl, sale +20 grams cammabis, poss +20 gms cann w/i sel SCSODTF - F. Gorski

October 25, Joseph Michael Gray, 41, 634 8th St. Apt 14 Imperial Bch Ca., Poss -20 Cannabis, Poss Drug Paraph, Poss Psilocybin SCSODTF-S. Larney

October 25, Kevin Bruce Carey, 43, 2028 Branbury Lane Tallahassee Fl., poss. drug paraphernalia SCSODTF- B. Barrs

October 26, Cameron Virgil, 21, 516 Orchard St Live Oak Fl, Agg Battery Dom Violence LOPD Fipps

October 26, Steven Tyler Ramin, 18, 7870 139th Dr Live Oak Fl, burglary of a structure, grand theft iii

SCSO A Robinson

October 26, David Edward Brady, 37, 28 Besch Ave Albany Ny, Vop (Resist W/Viol/Sale, Sale In Lieu Cntl Subs/, Poss Of Psilocybin), 1st App Pd Appt Wrs SCSO - J. Stout

October 26, Richard Lynn Harrison, 49, 13786 Hwy 224 Marshallville Ga, Vop (Burg Structure), & Felony Petit Theft 1st App Pd Appt Wrs SCSO - T. Donaldson