Janet Schrader, Democrat Reporter

The Senior Team Roping Association held their annual awards banquet Saturday, Oct. 11 at the old train depot in Live Oak.

The STRA is strictly for old-folks. These senior ropers take to the arena and rope, proving they still have what it takes. Team roping is fast becoming one of the most popular equine events around. It's also something that can be done well into the senior years as proved by this group of local ropers. Seventy-year-old team ropers are not uncommon.

After their successful season, which ran from June through October, the STRA honored its most successful ropers with plenty of prizes. The high-point ropers for each of two divisions, the "A" and "B" ropers, won saddles. Prizes for second through fifth were awarded. These prizes included, halters, horse blankets, bell boots and all the assorted paraphernalia necessary to riding and roping.

A Header:

1st Dale Vining

2nd Loretta Box

3rd Verlon Hall

4th Eddie Cruce

5th Thomas Smith

B Header:

1st Larry Webb

2nd Ed Hartersten

3rd Tom Becker

4th Tom Casson

5th Kenny Porter

A Heeler:

1st Ted Voorhees

2nd Terry Hill

3rd Glynn Box

4th John Lee

5th Jacky Keeble

B Heeler:

1st Doyle Rooks

2nd Joe DeCarlo

3rd Matthew Farrell

4th tied - - - Cheryl Causey and Buddy Brown

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