Vandals destroyed property owned by Dr. Tracie Daniels located on Highway-129 three miles north of Branford. Damages were estimated by a contractor at $15,000.

Someone entered the home and poured paint on the ceramic tiled floors, the kitchen cupboards, the dining table, and the floor below the table. The vandals sliced many of the screens, and broke at least eight windows.

Bricks from the pathway on the west side of the property had been pulled up and thrown through most of the windows on the west side of the property, and the windows on the south side of the property were also broken. Paint was poured over the kitchen stove, and the custom made draperies were drenched in paint. Paint and creosote were poured all throughout the house.

Several shrubs were cut down possibly with a chain saw. This device may have also been used to damage the screens. Water was left running in the house and most all rooms had standing water in them.

The vandalism was discovered by Daniels around 1:40 p.m. Sunday when she went to the property after attending church.

Daniel plans to place her veterinary practice at this property.

Daniels said, "With regard to the vandalism and damage, this is definitely a personal vicious attack against our future plans for the property. This is not the first we have heard about opposition to the plans. Anyone trying to intimidate me obviously doesn't know me that well. We have so many plans to help the community through this property, including the treatment of sick animals, a place for youth to keep show livestock, and even perhaps therapeutic horseback riding one day. It is disappointing that someone would be so low as to try to prevent this. The Lord will deal with them, that is all I have to say." Daniels has asked the residents in the immediate area to help watch for future suspicious activity.

The vandalism is being investigated by Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron, and Deputy Mary Rameriz, who were at the property Sunday lifting finger prints.

A reward is being offered for information leading to the conviction of the perpetrators. Anyone with information should contact the Suwanee County Sheriff's Office at 362-2222.

Anyone wishing to support the building of a vet clinic is welcomed to attend the Zoning Hearing on December 8 in Live Oak.

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