We've heard it a million times - Every Vote Counts!

Just think, if one more, only one more citizen, resident, taxpayer, voter, had decided to exercise his or her civic duty and responsibility to go to the polls and vote, there would be a clear-cut winner today in the District 4 race for Council in Jasper.

The election was Tuesday and voter apathy prevailed.

Incumbent Councilman Charles O'Cain garnered 31 votes. Challenger activist Edna Burnham garnered 31 votes.

Jasper City Clerk Jennifer Cone monitored the tally election night - four different counts - and announced the tie. "It's all about interest and enthusiasm for the process," says Cone. Only 31 percent of the district's registered voters cast a ballot on Tuesday noted Cone.

According to Cone, the follow-up process in reference to the outcome (tie) in Tuesday's election, is being researched by City Attorney Blair Payne. Payne will advise Council and Cone accordingly, when he reaches an opinion on what path he considers best to travel relative toan acceptable method to determine an eventual winner.

Ole' timers standing by at the polls' closing election night, confirmed that this was a "first" for Jasper. It was also a "first" in as much as a council seat up for election, was being contested. The only "first" that didn't occur - the election didn't produce a "first" place winner.

Reached at home election night, Burnham conceded that she was disappointed, "not in the final results, but that more people didn't turn-out, participate and vote on something so significant as their future." Burnham pointed-out that although she attends every Council meeting, "I need the help of the voters in order to make a difference."

O'Cain was pragmatic about the turn-out election day and expressed "appreciation to all those that did vote for me on Tuesday." O'Cain said, "I will continue to serve with pride and enthusiasm as I have in the past."

A procedural suggestion by Payne for Council to consider, will be forthcoming within a week.

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