A controlled drug buy on Thursday, Sept. 8, resulted in the arrest of a White Springs man, George Anthony Cason, 47, and a Live Oak resident, Jeffrey Craft, 42. Cason's address is listed as 660 NW Sophia Drive, White Springs. Craft's address is 5588 98th Terrace, Live Oak.

According to Lt. Tom Warren with the Suwannee County Drug Task Force the drug buy was set up earlier in the day with Cason and Craft, and took place right at 5 p.m. at Oak Grove Cemetery. According to Warren the buy consisted of one and a quarter ounces of cocaine and was made for $1200.

Following the buy, the Drug Task Force moved in to arrest both defendants. Both men attempted to flee, which resulted in a short vehicle pursuit that damaged two law enforcement vehicles, and also caused injury to law enforcement according to Lt. Warren.

Lt. Warren told the News the pursuit caused deep rut marks inside the fence of the cemetery, as officers used both lights and sirens in the pursuit.

Cason was charged with trafficking in cocaine, sale of cocaine +20 grams, possession of +28 grams with intent to sell.

Craft was charged with possession of cocaine, conspiracy to sell cocaine, and conspiracy to traffic.

Additional charges on both men included aggravated fleeing and eluding, two counts; and aggravated battery on law enforcement officer, two counts.

Cason bonded out of jail on Sept. 9 under $50,000 blanket bond. As of Tuesday noon Craft remain in the Suwannee County Jail under $30,000 bond.

Other law enforcement and drug task force officers assisting in the arrest were Larry Rogers, Robbie Sammons, Chief Deputy Ron Colvin, and Suwannee County deputies Bobby Akey and Mary Ramirez.

Lt. Warren told the News it is a continuing effort by the Drug Task Force and Suwannee County Sheriff's Office to crack down on drugs in Suwannee County.

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