Sandra Haas, representing the North Florida Scholarship Pageant met last week with the Branford Town Council. She was there to ask for a donation to benefit the Scholarship Pageant.

She said, "I came here to ask you for a donation, like last year for the North Florida Scholarship Pageant. Last year, you gave $1000, that greatly benefited the pageant. There's a law office that makes up a part of the difference. We offered $2,000 in scholarships, and we believe we spent your money well. Branford is listed as one of our Crown sponsors. Judge Vernon Douglas will be back with us again this year and we hope you will give us the same consideration that you gave us last year. There was a rumor that we were moving our pageant to Live Oak, but that isn't true. We are staying in Branford, this is the home of the North Florida Pageant."

Council president Joe Pete Cannon took what Attorney Haas said under advisement. He recommended giving the North Florida Scholarship pageant $1000, which was seconded by council woman Sybil Murray. Haas thanked the council for their gift to the pageant. She said, "Next year we are hoping to have the pageant before Christmas. We restricted the pageant this year to the Florida Panhandle. Next year we're

restricting it to Tallahassee, as that's about as far as the contestants want to travel. This is not a beauty pageant, but a scholarship pageant, although the girls who are competing are very beautiful."

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