BY George Petrena, Correspondent

South Florida can't have our water for drinking or anything else, that is if the Branford Town Council has anything to say about it. The Town Council, prepared a resolution listing concerns that others and the state should consider. Town Council President Joe Pete Cannon was the first to sign the resolution, followed by Mayor Don Owens, and the rest of the council as well.

In the resolution the council is saying: The Town Council is well aware of the water issues facing all counties in the State of Florida.

Small counties and rural communities are worried about availability of water and are concerned that the quality of life in their communities will be impacted if the State of Florida does not adhere to a strong local sources first policy.

The Town of Branford reaffirms the following. That prior to receiving water from another region or county, entities in areas desiring water transfer shall: Maximize utilization of local sources to the extent to which sustain ability is impacted. They must implement conservation methods, create water development opportunities, such as desalinization, storm water treatment programs, or other locally identified opportunities.

The council urges those desiring our water to take steps to limit cause of increased consumption such as moratorium on new construction until an adequate supply of water is available to the community.

They further state that the State of Florida should do whatever it can to stimulate water conservation efforts in all areas of the State, especially those areas with identified water supply shortages.

The council states that the State of Florida and appropriate regional and local entities should do whatever they can do to develop water supply alternatives in all areas, especially those areas with identified water supply shortages.

The resolution states that each water management district should establish minimum flow levels on priority water bodies over which consumption would not be permitted. It also states that water policy should be based on independent scientific data and not be determined based on the politics of numbers

The resolution was sent to Governor Jeb Bush, The Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, The Senate Committee on Natural Resources, the Florida League of Cities, and the Suwannee River Water Management District.

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