The Suwannee River at Branford has begun a slow decline, after cresting on Saturday, March 22 at 29.22 feet. Flood stage at Branford is 29 feet.

The week prior to the crest, the river experienced a slow rise, with a height of 28.54 on Tuesday, March 18; 28.87 March 19; 29.11 on March 20; 29.22 March 21; 29.22 March 22 and then on March 23 showed a slight decline to 29.14.

Although a minimal amount of rainfall fell over the weekend, the river is expected to continue to slowly decline.

At Three Rivers Estates the Santa Fe crested on Saturday at 24.32 feet, with flood stage being 19 feet. On Monday the Santa Fe at Three Rivers was 24.27 feet.

The Santa Fe at the U. S. 129 bridge where flood stage is 21 feet, the crest was on Saturday at 24.12. On Monday the Santa Fe was experiencing a slow decline at 24.08.

With a somewhat dry weather forecast until at least the end of this week, the area rivers are expected to experience a slow decline.

According to the National Weather Service rainfall for year 2003 is near to normal through the month of April 2003.

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