Ed Taylor, Sports Correspondent

It was just a chance but it was that chance that came to fruition for Lafayette Hornet guard Cody Page after being named to compete in all-star competition in Columbus, Ohio in June. Page was just one of some from Lafayette High School invited to Orlando, Florida for a tryout for the all-star team. Page admitted that he did not know what to expect when he went down.

"Several of us here at the school got letters inviting us down to tryout," he said. "I guess I was the only one interested in going. I just took a chance of going and trying to make the team. I wanted to go down and see what everyone else had down there."

With the invitation extended, Page found himself accepting the invite but not really knowing how things might turnout. "I really did not think I was going to make the team," he confessed. "After the tryouts I received a letter from them asking me to go to Ohio and play for them."

The all-star series will run a full week, July 5-11, and each team is placed in different pools. The tournament will involve other all-star teams from other states as well and the competition will be very competitive. Page said he hopes to learn from playing against the other teams. "I just want to have more confidence in myself," he said. "I want to learn from other people."

Page said he does not expect to be intimidated nor awed by the other teams. "When I went to Orlando we had some real good ball players down there," he said. "Whatever the other teams have I am sure we have the same. No, I don't feel intimidated by playing against the other teams."

Page said there was the excitement of just going to Columbus to play. He looks forward to making the trip and the team will fly into Columbus. "I have never been on a plane before," he said laughingly, "so it should be quite an adventure."

Coach Derek Garland will look to reload a team that was hit hard by graduation this past season and Page said some of the returning players will need to step up when the 2004-05 season tips off in December. "I need some work myself," said Page. "I need work on my free throws and shooting the threes. I did not feel like I was consistent last season but want to work hard and be more consistent this coming season."

Most all-star players fail to leave home their attitude that "I can not be taught anymore than I already know!" But Page said that he was not in that mold. "I am always willing to learn," he said. "Someone teaches me something I am going to try it anyway. If it helps me out I will stay with it."

Page mentioned the support of his parents, Ritchie and Joanne Page as being a big encouragement in athletics. "I owe them a lot. Without them I would not be able to go," said Page.

The expenses for the trip north will be extensive and the Page family would appreciate any monetary help the community would donate. "We have to stay a week there and that means motel bills as well as our food," said Joanne Page. "Any company, corporation, or anyone who would like to help with the expense of the trip we would appreciate it."

If your company, corporation or any individual would like to be a supporter of Cody Page contact the Page family.

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