Over 50 kindergarten and first grade students from North Hamilton Elementary School invaded the Deas Brothers Farm recently and got a first-hand view of how syrup is made and what is used to make it. They saw cane being squeezed to get the juice, and the juice being cooked down to form the sticky syrup.

The children sampled the home-made syrup as Damon Deas’ mother and other volunteers cooked biscuits and pancakes. They used the sweet-tasting sticky substance that was an important product on most local farms about 100 years ago on their pancakes.

The kids even experienced an old-fashioned method of travel - the horse and wagon, just like early pioneers used to travel around the county over 100 years ago.

The entire Deas family was involved in the Farm Tour. Staff members from the Florida Farm Bureau were also on hand, to show the kids fruits and vegetables that are grown and harvested in the state of Florida.

More crops are grown in Florida than any other state in America, except for the state of California. In all, almost 280 different agricultural crops are grown in Florida.

Damon Deas, who was recently elected to the Hamilton County School Board, strongly feels that we need to teach our children about the importance of food production and those who grow our safe, affordable and abundant food supply in America. The Farm Tour is a part of the Ag-In-The-Classroom program.

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