A three floor grow house filled with both dried and green marijuana plants was destroyed last Wednesday, after law enforcement officers received confidential information about the operation.

According to Lt. Tom Warren, supervisor of the drug task force team in Suwannee County, when the Suwannee County Sheriff's Office received the tip, officers went to the place located just off 284th Street and ask for permission to search the property but were denied. After receiving a search warrant, officers went back and arrested Barry Keith Lampe, 40, whose address is listed 286th Terrace, Branford and at that time began to uncover the very crude operation which consisted of a basement, first floor and second floor operation.

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron, and Sgt. Ron Colvin, were also at the scene along with drug task force members Aubrey Land, Larry Rogers and Robbie Sammons. Also assisting was DEA personnel from Gainesville.

Very mature plants as large as four feet tall, both green and some being dried were discovered, as well as other plants of several sizes. According to Lt. Warren approximately 30 harvesting size plants were found.

Large growing lamps were visible as well as rigged up watering devices and a drying system.

According to Lt. Warren considerable cash money was also recovered from a trailer where Lampe presumably lived. Pigs, chickens, and an aquarium with several snapping turtles and a watch dog named "Rebel" were also at the scene. Janice Hunter, head of animal control for Suwannee County was called to the scene to remove the dog. Nearby neighbors volunteered their services in feeding the pigs and chickens.

Lampe was arrested and booked into the Suwannee County jail late Wednesday May 25, charged with manufacture cannabis, possession of 20 plus grams cannabis, sale of counterfeit drug and Pinellas County warrant, violation of probation.

Lampe's bond was set at $20,000, and as of Tuesday afternoon remained incarcerated.

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