School bells will ring for Suwannee County Schools on Friday, August 8 and at Branford Elementary School and Branford High School there will be a number of new faces among teachers and other personnel.

According to Ted Roush, newly appointed principal at Branford High School open house is scheduled for August 7, during the hours of 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Open House at the elementary school is scheduled for 1-3 p.m. the same afternoon.

BHS is located at 405 NE Reynolds St. Branford, while BES is located at 26801 State Road 247.

Preplanning for teachers in both schools is Monday, August 4, through August 7. Classes begin August 8.

According to Carol Risk, BES principal, five positions were filled at the elementary school, which include: Kimberly Jenkins, reading; Vera Knighton, third grade; Joanna Morris, Pre-K; Lori Sadler, fourth grade and Carla Suggs will transfer from the high school to teach physical education.

Risk said, "Mary Fridman will fill a newly created position as reading coach. This will be initiated at the beginning of the new school year, under a grant called "Reading First." She will assist teachers with the new grant.

Risk said, " We will be introducing a full ninety (90) minute reading period at the beginning of each day in grades K through three and a ninety (90) minute reading period in grades four and five during the day. Grades two through five will be teaming as to provide more focus on math, writing and the sciences. Please make sure that your students are at school on time so that they do not miss any of the valuable reading instruction they will be receiving."

New faces at Branford High School will include Jackie Barnes of Columbia County, high school English teacher, a new position; Stefanie Holland will fill the PE position left vacant when Carla Suggs who transfered to BES; Micah Rounds, seventh and eighth grade intensive reading and math; Alexander Gonzales, Spanish; Jimmy Wilkerson, agriculture, replacing John Thomas who moved into the high school to teach science; Marie Dooley, middle school English; Tracy Delegal, new position as secretary; Seth Stebbins, new position high school social studies; Vernon Wiggins, new position science, LMS and physical education.

Principal Roush said, "Yet to be approved is a ESE teacher, ESE aide, as well as a school nurse to replace Diana Davis who resigned as of this week."

The school day begins at 8:05 each morning.

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