Pitch, hit and run is a baseball skills competition hosted by the Suwannee County Recreation Department and sponsored by Pepsi and Major League Baseball. The competition was held May 9 at the First Federal Sportsplex, and 35 kids came out to compete in the three different baseball skills.

In the 7-8 age group of the boys and girls competition, Alfher Segura Jr. of Live Oak won the overall championship with a 449. Segura Jr. scored 75 points in pitching and 246 points in the hitting part of the competition. John Pournelle, also of Live Oak, won the running part of the 7-8 category.

In the 9-10 age group, Stuart Brown was overall champion with 752 points scored. Stuart, half of the infamous Brown twins, scored 300 in pitching. His twin, Jackson, scored 300 in pitching as well, to take the co-pitching win.

Hitting champion in the 9-10 age group was A.J. Smith with 320 points scored. Running champion was Dustin Lane with 247 points scored.

In the 13-14 age group, J.D. Strickland of Live Oak was the overall champion with 935 points scored. Brandon Stratton won the pitching championship with 225 points. Strickland took the hitting honors with 492 points and also took the running championship with 293 points.

Pitch, hit and run is a baseball skills competition that allows youngsters to showcase their talents in pitching, hitting and running with scores determined by individual performances in each event.

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