Past Potentate, of New Orleans, and Chaplain of the Branford Shrine Club, Al Greene, is concerned for family members in New Orleans.

"I have five sons living in New Orleans, and another son, Ernest Greene is in the Coast Guard there. We saw our son Gary, who is a Deputy, on television, so we know he is OK. We're concerned about our granddaughter Gridget Greene, who lived in down town New Orleans with her six year old son and three year old daughter. Hopefully they're in a shelter," said, great grandfather, Al Greene.

He continued, "They found Fats Domino yesterday, and he's all right. He was up in his attic. There are a lot of good people in New Orleans, but there are a lot of people on drugs. A lot of them got cut off from their drug supply and probably they are the ones that are going crazy."

He went on to say, "We have a Shrine Temple out there but we can't communicate with them.

Everybody's got a cell phone, but they're all out because of the lack of electricity in New Orleans. My niece, Stacy Molore is a nurse in St. Bernard's Hospital. The hospital has been evacuated because of rising water and no electricity. She called her mother Ernestine Forett and told her that her patients are dying. Ernestine's home in New Orleans is gone, it has water up to the roof top. She's my sister. We have so many friends and family there that it affects us personally. We invited a number of them to come and stay with us as it will be months before they can return to New Orleans."

On Tuesday morning Greene said, "I have 31 relatives in New Orleans and everyone has been located and are alive.

Some are in Texas and North Louisiana. I will be picking up my grandson Keith Greene, 24, in Jacksonville Wednesday.

My granddaughter is in Baton Rouge, she is a pharmacist and went to work there immediately.

We still need to pray for the people in Louisiana, said Greene.

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