Janet Schrader, Democrat Reporter

The Monday Morning Blues bowling group held their annual awards luncheon Monday (of course), May 5 at the Golden Corral. Four teams compete within the group. Jerry Corbett's team came out the winner again this year.

Members of the winning team were Carlyne Harrison, Mary Davis and Georgette Robins. The other three teams within the group are the Yo Yos, Ronnie Corbett's and the Tri-Harders.Ronnie Corbett came in second this year. Ronnie Corbett's members are Dixie Corbett, Chancie Corbett and Lorraine Williams.

The Yo Yos came in third. Yo Yos members are Rose Burnes, Hallie Nobles and Lorraine Williams.

Tri-Harder came in last place for the season. Tri-Harder's members are Peggy Hamlin, Cindy Burroughs and Goody Goodman.

Winning High Average for the year was Cindy Burroughs.

Most Improved Average went to Mary Bridges who went from 121 to 132.12 and Georgette Robins who went from 145 to 154.55.

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