The Independence day basketball tournament presented 100% of the funds to the overall point winner. Finishing in first place was Dustin Cannon with 10 points, with Ludlam falling just short with 9 points. Skaggs collected 6 points in the race for the funds.

In a move that really did not catch me off guard, Cannon accepted the $102 collected for entry into tournament events, and decided to split the reward with Ludlam for both of them to attend a basketball camp of choice.

Cannon has been putting focus on his game this summer with the intent of leading the Bucs in 2005-06, both on and off the court. He has really worked on all aspects of his game. Recently against Perry, he was able to knock down 27 points, and was able to block 6 shots defensively. The assists total has been increasing for Cannon along the way. Look for some special things from this youngster during the upcoming basketball campaign.

Ludlam should get some great assistance from the extra camps himself. There is not many that competes with more intensity than this youngster. His inside game is as good as any, and his determination on defense can only bold well for the Bucs.

Both of these athletes should be a plus for the Bucs after a summer of taking advantage of open gyms, camps and clinics. If the other Bucs take their game as serious as these two athletes, the district is going not be looking forward to playing Branford as it has in the past.

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