BY Janet Schrader, Democrat Reporter

Friday's game is going to be homecoming for the Suwannee Bulldogs and it's going to be the game of the year. According to Coach Walls, whoever wins this game will be district champion.

"The kids are pumped up. they know what's on the line," Walls said. "These kids have been working hard. They want to win district."

Walls was happy with the trip to Alabama and the big win over Paul W. Bryant.

"The trip was worth it, winning like that," Walls said. "We played good on offense, but we still didn't play our best game. On defense we played good, but we still had a couple of breakdowns. We're going to work on fixing that."

Every player who dressed out got to play Friday night in Alabama. There were several injuries. Jarrell Clayton injured his knee but is determined to play against Godby. Daniel Clayton hurt his knee and Delwyn Allen bruised his shoulder.

According to Walls, Godby has speed on offense and defense. They have one really good wide receiver. He's not big but really fast. They play a pro-style offense that is like Suwannee's, according to Walls.

The Godby defense is fast and they like to blitz their linebackers a lot. They play three-deep zone and three-deep man and they're not real big. But Walls said they play hard, and they are fast.

Godby goes into this game 4-4 on the season. Suwannee has the home-field advantage. Walls said it will be the game of the year.

Six players moved up from JV to varsity after the JV season ended last week. #55 Lee Laxton, a terror on the field as a defensive linebacker and an offensive linebacker, has joined the varsity team.

#4 Charles Griffin who played defensive back and ruining back for the JV and the Ninth Grade teams joined the varsity.

#5 Lance Moore a wide receiver, back-up quarterback and defensive back moved up to varsity.

#23 Brandon Allen, the JV's star running back, moves up.

#1 Larrell Cherry, a running back and linebacker moved up.

And big #77 Cody Howard, and offensive and defensive lineman moved up.

These six players added a lot to the JV team this year and made huge contributions to the three big wins made by the Ninth Grade team.

Make plans to come out Friday night. It's sure to be an exciting game as the district championship goes on the line. Kick off is at 7:30 p.m. Go Dogs!

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