Janet Schrader, Democrat Reporter

It was a banner year for Suwannee weightlifting. The Dog lifters took the district championship and then the sectional. This year a record 10 Dog lifters qualified to go to the state meet. Now Suwannee weightlifting has been recognized again, this time by the Gainesville Sun as five Dog lifters made the Sun's first all-area team.

"This is the first year we've had a full team get noticed," weightlifting coach Dan Marsee said. "Usually it's only two or three. We had the most of anybody."

Making the Gainesville Sun's All-Area team for Class-A were Jason Yulee in the 139 weight class, Corey Horne in the 154 weight class, James Dobbs in the 183 weight class, Greg Gabey in the 199 weight class and Charles Wooten in the heavy-weight class.

Yulee placed eighth in the state. Horne placed eighth in the state. Dobbs placed 12th in the state. Gabey placed 12th in the state. Butterbean Wooten placed third in the state.

Not only did Suwannee have these five guys make the first All-Area team, but seven weightlifters made the honorable mention All-Area team. Paul Horne in 119, Chris Ruwe in 129, Damione Gillyard in 139. Alan Clayton in 169, Matt Douglas in 183, Eric Wright in 219 and Leon Plummer in 238 all made honorable mention.

This was a special year for Suwannee weightlifting. Suwannee High hosted the state weightlifting tournament this year, had 10 weightlifters go to state, won the district and sectional championships, and all kinds of weightlifting records were broken.

Five Suwannee High records were broken at the boys state meet this year. Chris Ruwe in the 129 weight class broke the clean and jerk record with 205 pounds lifted and broke the most pounds lifted with 420 pounds.

Jason Yulee broke two records in the 139 pound weight class. Yulee broke the record for the clean and jerk with 235 lifted and the record for total pounds lifted with 465.

In the 154 weight class Corey Horne broke the bench press record lifting 320 pounds and the total pounds lifted with 540 pounds.

In the 169 weight class Alan Clayton broke all three Suwannee High records. In the bench press Clayton's new record is 275. In clean and jerk it's 275, and for total pounds lifted the new record in the 169 weight class is 550 pounds.

In the 183 weight class James Dobbs set two new SHS records. In the clean and jerk the new record is 280 pounds. The new total pounds lifted is 555 pounds.

In the heavy weight class Charles Wooten, better known as Butterbean, set all three records this year. The new bench record set by Wooten is 410 pounds. The new clean and jerk record is 305 for a record total pounds of 715.

All of these lifters do double duty for the Suwannee High athletic program, either on the football team or the track team or both! They are all great all-around athletes as well as outstanding lifters.

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