White Springs Police Deptartment investigator-evidence custodian-Marvin Page oversaw the destruction of evidence and contraband - seized between 1982 and 2001 - in White Springs Feb. 25.

The destruction of the contraband, forfeiture of evidence and/or recovered property last week, included over 150 separate items. The bulk of the destroyed items, along with other evidence and property, was drug related.

The destruction order-forfeiture edict was a culmination of a six-month joint project between WSPD and the State Attorney's Office. The contraband and evidence was no longer needed in conjunction with previously resolved cases.

Prior to the orchestrated destruction, Page, along with WSPD Chief Joseph Subic Jr., attended a week-long evidence and property management program at the Police Institute in Jacksonville.

WSPD maintains a full-service evidence and property room under the supervision of Page. The secured, fortified property room contains a refrigeration unit for DNA and blood storage and is complete with an evidence and weapons cabinet. All evidence and property records are stored in an up-dated computer base at WSPD.

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