A slight depression 1/8 mile west of CR 137 on Highway 27 revealed there was loose soil underground.

According to Gina Busscher, a public information source with the Department of Transportation, there was some concern with the depression until some borings, revealed there were no cavities, only loose soil.

Busscher told the News, a slight depression measuring approximately three feet in diameter appeared and because the highway from Branford to the Columbia County line had just been resurfaced some borings were done to check the area, which revealed loose soil.

According to Busscher the engineering firm Universal Testing was called in to conduct the borings and testing. She said the firm recommended casings be installed so concrete could be pumped into the area to take care of the problem. Bell Concrete pumped 124 cubic yards into the area after the casings or steel pipes were driven into the ground. Once finished the pipes were removed.

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