BY George Petrena, Correspondent

The Branford Town Council agreed to pave four and possibly five streets within the town limits. The streets to be paved are Braughton Street, Trail St., Owens Avenue, Haines Avenue and possibly Jenkins Avenue.

The streets are located at the following: Haines at the Branford Jiffy Store; Trail behind the Post office; Braughton, from Highway 27 to Highway 247; Owens for one block at Sisters' Restaurant; Jenkins might possibly be paved along Coker's Bailed Bonds.

The paving construction work will be done by Hipp Construction Company of Alachua. The cost is expected to be approximately $l9,000. The cost of the calls for asphalt at $59.03 per ton, and it is to be spread one and one quarter inch thick. "I don't know how much a ton will cover," said Council President Joe Pete Cannon. DOT is coming to do some work around the Suwannee Riding Club Arena, and while that work is being done, the work in Branford can be done at the same time.

The work at the riding area is scheduled for the first part of June. Referring to the condition of Trail Street behind the post office, Mayor Don Owens said, "since they put the one way traffic, at the post office, there has been a lot more traffic on Trail Street, and that's tearing it up." Ken Saunders was in the audience at the meeting, he commented that watermelon trucks possibly would tear up the new paving on Trail. "We might have to wait awhile on Owens Avenue, to avoid the watermelon trucks. We can keep the trucks off of Trail Street, so that won't be a problem," said Cannon. "Traffic on Owens could be a problem, just as they are installing the paving," said Councilman, Roy Bagley.

There's about three weeks to prepare for the paving according to the council. They are going to need a little limerock where Jenkins ties into Trail, and the county should provide the lime- rock, according to Bagley.

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