BY Shirley Hatch, Branford News Publisher

Florida Department of Law Enforcement personnel along with several other agencies remain in Branford, making up a command post for the swollen Suwannee and Santa Fe rivers. The post serves several North Florida counties.

On Tuesday, Lt. George Pottorf, watch commander, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told the News the command post continues to work around the clock to provide assistance and protection to many along the swollen rivers and in other flooded areas. "The commission has 12 units, working 12 hour shifts to enforce the emergency no wake speed zones, and protect individuals properties who have been forced to leave them due to flooding," Pottorf said.

According to Pottorf there have been no real problems and he contributes this to law enforcement visibility. We expect to rotate the various agencies in seven to eight day cycles, and we'll be here indefinitely.

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