At last week's Branford Town Council meeting, the bid for work to be done under a Community Development Block Grant was awarded to Worth Construction Company of Live Oak. The bids were opened by Consulting Engineer Mittalier Company who opened two bids for the project.

The low bid was $569,366.44 which was $50,000 over what the CDBG grant allowed for the project. Consequently $50,000 had to be cut from the project.

Because of the cut, the paving of No Name Road has to be put on hold. The bid of $54,000 for the paving was withheld, which will give $5,633.56 for construction contingency. Final approval must be given by the Department of Community Affairs for the accepting of the bid for the project.

Work for the grant should begin within approximately 60 days. The grant will allow for improvements for the water plant and main replacement. A new 8 or 10 inch well will be drilled on No Name Road, next to the property of Jean Brown. "This should put the town of Branford in good shape for years to come," said Council President Joe Pete Cannon. He said, "I am real thankful that for the past several years we have been accepted for Community Development Block Grants for making the changes to our water system. Our sewer plant is getting old, but we've continuously updated it and we are in good shape there for our future needs and growth."

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