Submitted by the candidate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the voters of District One for giving me the privilege to serve as their representative on the Board of County Commissioners for the past four years.

We have come a long way together. As a team we have accomplished much during our first term, without your help this would not have been possible. Together as a team we can continue the work we started four years ago.

During my first campaign I pledged, "To devote whatever time and effort required to meet the challenge of resolving the many complex problems facing Suwannee County." And, I'm proud to say; together we've kept that pledge with a high standard of ethics, honesty and leadership.

My performance is consistent, I speak for the voter, and I am not swayed by special interests asking for corporate welfare. Protecting the taxpayer dollar is my main concern, benefiting Suwannee County as a whole, is uppermost in my mind.

There has been progress, not the least of which includes improved road paving, better governmental relations, improved ambulance service and good financial audits, but there is still much to be done, and you can count on me to voice your concerns.

As a citizen and voter, you took your seat along side of me on the board four year ago. Let's stay the course, and "Keep Jesse working for you" in this next election.

Again thank you for allowing me to work for you, and please feel free to contact me with your suggestions and concerns.

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