WHITE SPRINGS - White Springs Police Chief, Joe Subic, has been called to active duty in the United States Army. During the Town Council meeting of Tuesday, September 16, 2003, the town Council approved his contingency plan for an interim Police Chief during his absence. William Valentine, a veteran law enforcement officer with 25 years of experience, will assume the administrative position until Subic returns.

Major Stephen Chung, with the 99th Regional Readiness Command, attended the meeting to explain the reasons for Subic's activation. Major Chung praised Chief Subic and told the packed crowd that the country needs his special set of skills to accomplish national objectives. Major Chung assured the Council that he would do his utmost to accommodate the town's needs in any emergency that required the Chief's attention. Major Chung informed the Council that Chief Subic's activation could be two weeks or two years.

During Major Chung's talk, he surprised the audience and Chief Subic with the presentation of a military award. Chief Subic was presented on behalf of the Secretary of the Army and Major General Carolyn Kennedy, the Army Commendation Medal. According to Chung, Chief Subic received the medal for his performance in which he had been instrumental in several investigations involving anti-terrorism activities.

The White Springs Police Department has seen many improvements under Subic's leadership. During his tenure, Subic has applied for and received nearly $500,000 in grants for his department and for county law enforcement, including the Hamilton County Drug Task Force, Community Policing Initiatives that brought programs to children in the community and equipment including police cars and computers. The department has three patrol officers and contributes another officer to the Hamilton County Drug Task Force.

Under the plan, approved by the Town Council, Interim Chief Valentine will be responsible for coordination of scheduling and administration of the department and the many grants underway. A new officer, Tracy Cappallia, will work full-time during the absence of the chief to provide additional coverage. She will also be involved in projects for children. The Drug Task Force grant will be assumed by the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office. Officers Benji Burnham, C.J. Felton and Marvin Page will continue to do their assigned duties. Mayor Joseph McKire, an Army veteran himself, thanked Chief Subic for submitting a comprehensive plan for the department.

Chief Subic is married to Valinda Subic, Park Manager for the Stephen Foster Folk Culture State Park and has a daughter and a son.

White Springs Council member Tracy Woodard said, "We will all be praying for Chief Subic's safety and looking forward to his return."

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